why ice cream cakes*?

Ever since Robin was a little girl, her family has been making ice cream cakes for their birthdays. For years she’s been carrying on that tradition for her friends. They’ve been so popular that she decided to blend her passion for making ice cream cakes with her passion for storytelling, and Yum’s the Word was born.

And let's be honest... doesn't ice cream make everything better? (Well, I think so. Then again, I'm Jewish and Italian, so food is central to everything.)

Cake Names
Each month we crowdsource punny names for the ice cream cakes like "Mint Oreo Speedwagon," "Heath Bar-ack Obama," "Carmel Toe," and more. Gotta fun name for an upcoming cake? Check out the flavors a few days before the show and post your ideas! 

*Lactaid pills available at every show. Seriously.